How long does it take to produce a shoes box?

As our products are hand-made, production time varies depending on season and level of customisation required.

A box with limited customization can be complete within 7 days, whereas more detailed designs that may include Swarovski and pre-production design work can take up to 14 days.

If you have any concerns about production time, you can always discuss with a member of the team ahead of time and we will endeavour to give you a delivery date based on your requirements.

How big is the box?

The current size of the box is L 86 cm x W 70 cm x H 48 cm

How Many Shoes can it store?

This depends on the shoes size, but for women you can fit approximately 20-24 pairs and 8-12 for men.

Do you make bigger or smaller boxes?

We have experimented with various sizes and have found the current model to be both adequate for bedrooms, transportation and design.

Can I design my own?

Of course, that’s what we specialise in. We will work with you to design a box that meets your needs, whether it is a gift or you just want a worthy home for your favourite shoes.

Will you help with my design?

Of course, once you have made your purchase a member of our design team will work with you to design the box – we just need a little feedback and some examples for inspiration and we can get to work.

Will I get to see the design before it’s made?

Yes, it’s very important you are happy with the colours, font and overall look, therefore we will share all aspects of the box design with you before moving ahead with production to ensure you are completely happy with the design.

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver all over the GCC (Saudi, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait) for our shoes boxes and International for our Music boxes

Will you deliver Internationally?

Due to the size of the box and costs involved in shipping, we are currently not shipping outside of the GCC, however we are developing a cost effective solution to ensure our international customers can order a custom shoe box.

Can I arrange collection and shipment for international delivery?

Yes, if you are able to arrange collection and delivery with your own third party shipping company then we are more than happy to assist. We would request a fee for packaging, delivery will be your full responsibility.

Can I customize the inside of the box?

Yes of course, we have a range of leather and velvet interiors which we can line the complete inside of the box with.

For added personalization, we can also write names or quotes inside – this is perfect for a gift or special occasion.

How can I add Swarovski crystals to my box design?

We are known for the use of genuine Swarovski crystals with many of our boxes and we enjoy adding them to distinguish a design.

Crystals will depend on the design and colours – you may want something simple like filling in some lips or you want the complete design in Swarovski.

After your order is complete, simply request to add Swarovski and we can discuss this with you further and provide a separate quotation.


What happens after I complete payment for my music box?

We will start work on your music box design and melody, consulting you along the way and working with you to create something special.

Can I create my own design?

Yes, during the ordering process, you can provide images, photos, text and a brief of what sort of message and feel you would like the music box to reflect during. This will help us during the design stage.

I don’t want to design my own, but I like one you have on your website, can I use that?

Of course, if you don’t want to go through the design stage you can simply inform us of a design that you have seen on the site and we can immediately get to work producing the box.

How long will the design stage take?

Design stage depends on the details and the message you want to capture. Typically designs will be completed within 3-5 working days. Simpler the design then fewer reviews and iterations it will require, which means the box can be produced a lot faster.

How long does it take to produce a Music box?

Once the design stage is complete we will require the following:

Printed: 2 days

Wood Engraving: 3 days

Marquetry: 5-7 days

Swarovski: 14-21 days

You don’t have the melody I want, can I create my own melody?

Yes, you can, we have a team of highly talented composers who can turn a song choice or even your own written music into a melody.

Can you turn any song into a melody?

This is what makes us distinct, unlike other companies that limit melodies to classical melodies, we aim to recreate modern melodies too. This means even if you have an urban or dance melody, we will do our best to recreate this into the musical movement.

Please bear in mind our musical movements are precision instruments and there will be limitations to the range in which certain notes can be recreated – we always recommend asking us before proceeding with your music box about a particular melody.

How long does it take to produce a custom melody?

As this is custom, one of our composer will need to study the song and convert this to a melody that is suitable for the musical movement.

Stage 1 (sample): Composer will study the music and create a sample (7 working days)

Stage 2 (approval): Sample will be shared with you for your approval

Stage 3 (production): All our musical movements are handmade and will require a production time of 2 weeks.

Does the music box require batteries?

No, this is the beauty of our handmade musical movements, just like a watch, it is a precision instrument that operates once wound and deliver beautifully deep and rich notes.

How long does the musical movement play for?

The melody segment plays for approximately 30-35 seconds. The musical movement when fully wound can play for up to 3 minutes repeating the melody segment.

How much text can you engrave on the crystal glass cover?

We will try to fit as much as you need. The area we can use is 8 x 7.5 cm for writing. If we are unable to fit the text you will be notified.

Do you make different sized music boxes?

We are currently designing different sized music boxes that we hope can cater for different needs and occasions. As designers we are incredibly passionate and meticulous about our work, therefore we are still developing these music boxes and will hope to make an announcement through our website and social media channels once they are launched.

What shipping company do you use?

We currently use DHL and TNT for our national and International shipping

How long does shipping take?

Once your box is complete the box will be dispatched:

KSA: 1-2 business days

GCC: 2-3 business days

Europe/America: 2-4 business days

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